Beginnings to Now

otis “Otis” CD
Otis was our animal shelter Labrador that sparked our interest in the breed.

al “Al” – CH Jubilee Acres Pot O’ Gold
Al was our first actual show dog and introduction to conformation shows.



“Signey” – BISS AM/CAN CH Boradors Significant Brother AM/CAN CD
Signey was our first champion. After earning a major under Mary Weist at six months and three days, there was no looking back. He won four specialties, including the National from the veteran’s class, earned our first group 1, got a JAM at Westminster and was a lot of fun to show. He is behind many of our present dogs.


“Art” – BISS AM/CAN CH Visions State of the Art CD
Art was also one of our first few show dogs and gave us both a memorable day by winning a Canadian specialty under breeder judge Peter Hart.


“Peppar” – AM/CAN CH Shannon’s Absolut Peppar
Peppar was never a very enthusiastic show dog but has been a joy to live with and is behind many of the dogs in our kennel today.

Beau Head Shot

Beau Body Shot

Beau 3

Beau 4

Beau 6

Beau 5

“Beau” – BISS AM/CAN CH Shannon Valley’s Beauregard
Beau has undoubtedly given us many of the pinnacles of our dog career. He won at all breed shows frequently, but also won four specialties. He had multiple group placements in both the U.S. and Canada including several Group 1’s. But by far, the best moment was when he won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2002. He has sired over 20 champions.

chrissy 1

Chrissy 2

Chrissy 3

“Chrissy” – CH Shannon’s Sister Christian
Beau’s little sister was not about to be outdone by him…she won Best of Opposite Sex to Beau at Westminster in 2002.


“Spice” – AM/CAN CH Shannon’s Salt and Peppar
Spice was a beautiful girl that combined the best of our bloodlines, Peppar and Beau. She earned three majors, two of them under breeder judges Judy Chambers and Barbara Gilchrist.





“Mandra” – AM/CAN CH Shannon’s Absolut Mandrin
Mandra is probably one of the prettiest bitches we ever bred and won two specialties, including MVLRC from the veteran’s class.


“Dahlia” – CH Wye Dahlia at Shannon
Dahlia was my first actual show Cavalier and the dam of both of my current girls, Zetta and Poppy.

Poppy Head Shot

Poppy Show Photo

Shannon’s Poppy

(CH Dovetail Debonair x Wye Dahlia at Shannon)
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Sadly, Poppy passed away in March of 2011.

Truffle Head

Truffle Body Shot

Shannon’s Absolut White Chocolate

(CH Tullamore’s Toblerone x AM/CAN CH Shannon’s Salt and Peppar)
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Tress Head Shot

Shannon’s Sister Golden Hair

(CH Dovetail Walk Th’Walk x Ch Shannon’s Sister Christian)
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Fern Body

Boradors The Red Fern Grows at Shannon

(CH Borador’s Smokehouse x Borador’s Butterscotch)
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Show Photo

Woodstock Photo

CH Shannon’s Baby Boomer Gone Wild

(Dovetail Boomerang x CH Shannon’s One Wild Night)
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Razzle Head

Razzle Body

Borador’s Raspberry Beret at Shannon

(Boradors Prince of Tides x Boradors Deer Run Incognito)
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Shannon’s Little Black Book
Shannon’s Baby Boomer x Boradors the Red Fern Grows at Shannon


Runner Body

Runner Show Photo

AM/CAN CH Dovetail’s Walk Not Run

(CH Dovetails Walk Th’ Walk x Shadow Hills Barnswallow)
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Runner is retired from the show ring and sleeping comfortably on the couch.  He finished his championship in record time: three months and around 15 shows.  He is producing wonderful Labrador temperaments.

Salty Body Shot

Salty Dog Head Shot

Salty Dog Show 1

Salty Dog Show 2

AM/CAN Ch Shannon’s Peppar Salty Dog
“Salty Dog”

(AM/CAN CH Shannon’s Absolut Peppar x CH Shannon’s Sister Christian)
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Salty is retired from the show ring except for an occasional appearance in Veterans. He had a successful show career that included both all breed and specialty wins. He is the sire of multiple specialty winning CH Tullamore’s Sea Salt, pictured below, as well as Shannon’s Salty Rose on the Rocks RN.

Salty Dog’s Offspring


Ch Tullamore’s Sea Salt

Rose on the Rocks

Shannon’s Salty Rose on the Rocks RN


Ponder Body

Ponder Show Photo

CH Wye Ponder Deer Run

(CH Sheeba Special Inspiration at Orchard Hill x CH Deer Runs Autumn Wind)
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Crusher 1 Crusher 2

Crusher 3

CH Shannon’s Candy Crush
(CH Piccadilly’s Citius Altius Fortius x CH Shannon’s Peppermint Patty)

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!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!
New Champion!
Crusher finished with his third major in limited showing at the Canfield cluster, under breeder judge Diane Pilbin
WD, BOW for a major Rubber City KC 1-9-16
WD, BOW, BOB for a major Rubber City KC 1-10-16


Shannon’s Milk Moustach
(BISS CH Tremont’s Fu Man Chu x Shannon’s Absolut White Chocolate)

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Patty Head

CH Shannon’s Peppermint Patty

(CH Gateway’s Nothin’ But Trouble x Shannon’s Absolut White Chocolate)
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Patty has five points toward her Grand Champion!




Shannon’s Bit O’honey
(Shannon’s Candy Crush x Shannon’s Bit O’Honey)

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Fallbrook’s Pretty Face
(CH Hunt Club Clayview Bungee Jumper x Boradors Ruffian)


Boradors Bardot
(Zinfindel’s Firebird x Patience IX)

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Scan_20170225 (1)


CH Shannon’s Beaugart
(MBISS CH Shannon Valley’s Beauregard x Fallbrook’s Pretty Face)

“Humphrey”, finished in whirlwind style, picking up three majors in a month under breeder judge Lori Bentine and respected all breed judges Charlie Fippin and Bill Sahloff. He also picked up multiple major reserves along the way, finding success under both breeder and all breed judges. He finished at just over a year old. Currently, Humphrey is visiting our friend Kim Frye at Grassroots Labradors and will be out and about at some southern shows working on his GCH. It is nice to have a Beau kid around again!!

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Shannon’s Viola
(Lymrey Hi Priority x CH  Shannon’s Poinsettia)

Raven1 (1)

Raven2 (1)

Shannon’s The Raven
Big Sky’s Brave & Bold at Mar-Moye x Shannon’s Scarlet Let Her

 OFA elbows normal
OFA hips fair
PRA clear
HNPK clear
EIC clear
Eyes cleared annually
Heart cleared annually by auscultation

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[Photo by Natalie Williams]


GCH Shannon’s Salt Water Taffy
(CH Piccadilly’s Citius Altius Fortius x CH Shannon’s Peppermint Patty)

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Jersey had a fabulous weekend in Canfield, earning 16 points toward her Bronze Grand Championship by going BOS under respected breeder judges Cheryl Curtis, Steve Kirschner and Sally Sasser and earned Best of Breed Owner Handled and Owner Handler Group 4 under Sally Sasser as well, and was Select Bitch under breeder judge Cindy Skiba.

Winners Bitch, Best of Winners Pittsburgh LRC specialty for a 4 point major under breeder judge Jim Russell
Winners Bitch, Columbiana Co KC for a 4 point major at the Northern OH LRC supported entry under Charli Fippin

WB and BOW for a 4 point major under breeder judge Laura Dedering!
BOS Sweeps Northern Ohio LRC
Puppy Northern Ohio LRC
Best in Sweeps Miami Valley LRC 5/9/14
WB, BOS Blennerhassett KC 5/17/14
WB, BOW, BOS Blennerhassett KC 5/18/14

Best in Sweeps under Chris Kofron at the Central Ohio LRC specialty 10/25/14
1st 12-15 Sweeps under Starkey Green at the Central Ohio LRC specialty 10/26/14
1st 12-18 under Tom Shearer at the Central Ohio LRC specialty 10/26/14 Hips:  OFA excellent  LR-217477E24F Elbows:  normal  LR-EL70155F24-VPI PRA clear by parentage EIC:  clear HNPK:  carrier


Baby 1
Baby 2

[Photos by Jared Frasher of Lakeside Labradors]

Shannon’s EZ As Takin Candy From A Baby

CH Wit’s End E-Z Pass to Borador x CH Shannon’s Peppermint Patty

  Hips:  OFA excellent LR-221173E25M
Elbows: normal LR-EL73267M25
PRA:  clear by parentage EIC clear HNPK:  carrier  

IMG_0057 (1)

Shannon’s Raspberry Sorbet

GCH Valleywood Mojo Demund x Boradors Raspberry Beret at Shannon  
Hips:  OFA excellent  LR-217464E25F-VPI

Elbows:  normal LR-EL70141F25-VPI, PRA clear by parentage EIC:  carrier HNPK:  clear


Wit’s and End Ellsworth Blackish at Tremont
Epochs Jolly Prankster x CH Wit’s End Magic Hat at Ellsworth

OFA elbows normal, OFA hips good, PRA carrier, HNPK carrier, EIC clear, Eyes cleared annually, Heart cleared annually by auscultation

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Shannon’s Black Raspberry
OFA excellent hips OFA normal, elbows Clear, heart auscultation by cardiologist annually, Clear eye exam by ophthalmologist annually, EIC clear, HNPK clear by parentage, PRA clear by parentage, Long coat carrier

Bristol Pedigree

  Shannon’s Baby Steps
OFA excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, Clear auscultation by cardiologist annually, Clear eye exam by ophthalmologist annually, EIC clear, HNPK carrier, PRA clear, Long coat carrier  

Zetta Head Shot

Photos above taken by Andrea Fitch, click HERE to view business card

Zetta Show Picture

CH Shannon’s Poinsettia

(Wye Ponder Deer Run x Wye Dahlia at Shannon)
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Zetta finished her championship in record time. She got her first points in mid-October 2008 and finished the first weekend of January 2009. Zetta was only beaten in her class twice.