Labrador Boys

GCHS CH ClearCreek Second To None
New Title!  Rudy has finished his Grand Champion Silver!
OFA hips good
OFA elbows normal
Heart Clear by echocardiography with Doppler (7/20)
Eye clearance (5/22)
Clear by parentage for EIC, HNPK and PRA
Centronuclear Myopathy – clear
Degenerative Myelopathy – clear
EIC – clear
HNPK – clear
Macular Corneal Dystrophy – carrier
PRA – clear
retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 – clear
skeletal dysplasia 2 – clear
D Locus (Dilute) – non dilute
L Locus (Long Hair/Fluffy) – carries longhaired
Stargardt’s – clear
Rudy’s Notable Wins
3/24/24  Hoosier LRC                 Select Dog   Anne Maynard
3/25/24  Hoosier LRC                 BOB            Diane McClurg
5/10/24  Miami Valley LRC          Select Dog   Allison Rogers
5/11/24  Miami Valley LRC          Select Dog   Sergio Scarpellini
5/18/24  Raleigh Durham LRC     BOB            Jim Bowron
5/19/24  Raleigh Durham LRC     BOS            Elizabeth Bowron
3/10/24    Spirit of St. Louis LRC        BOB        Thomas Alexander
8/4/23      Northern Ohio LRC            BOB        Anne Maynard
8/4/23      Columbiana Co KC            Group 4   Charlene Rutar
5/21/23    Raleigh Durham LRC         Select      Jim Russell
5/22/23    Raleigh Durham LRC         BOB         Vonnie Russell
5/14/23    Central Ohio LRC              BOS         Jill DeGesare
3/26/23    Hoosier LRC                     BOB         Sue Willumsen
3/5/23      Badger LRC                      Select      Judy Chambers
11/20/22  Greater Atlanta LRC          Select      Margaret Brown
11/19/22  Greater Atlanta LRC          Select      Gary Johnson
11/15/22  Jersey Skylands LRC         BOB         Michael Silva
11/14/22  Jersey Skylands LRC         Select       Patricia Collon
10/21/22  Mid Jersey LRC                 Select       Jennifer Kelly
10/21/22  Mid Jersey LRC                 Select       Ron Kelly
10/8/22      LRC Inc                            AOM                Marion Daniel
10/6/22      LRC Inc                            AOM                Shari Kirschner
10/5/22      LRC Potomac                  Select              Donald Sturz Jr.
10/4/22      LRC Potomac                  Select              Kimberly Anne Meredith
10/1/22      Iroquois LRC                   BOB                Anne Maynard
9/30/22      Iroquois LRC                   BOB                Gerardo Saldana
8/6/22        Beaver Co KC/NOLRC        BOB             Debra McKinley
8/5/22        Columbiana Co KC            BOS              Linda Bednarski
6/3/22        Greater Pittsburgh LRC        BOB         Nancy Arbuckle
6/2/22        Greater Pittsburgh LRC        BOB         Lori Bentine
5/15/22      Central Ohio LRC                 BOS           Julie Jussaume
5/14/22      Miami Valley LRC                 BOB          Madeleine Charest
5/13/22      Miami Valley LRC                 BOS          Manuel Queijeiro
4/3/22        Midwest LRC                       BOB            Steve Kirschner
4/2/22        Midwest LRC                       BOB            Shari Kirschner
3/27/22      Hoosier LRC                        BOS            Pauline Mortier
3/6/22        Badger LRC                        Select           Jennifer Bauer Kelly
3/5/22        Badger LRC                        BOB              Ron Kelly
10/3/21      Monroe KC                         Select           Shari Kirschner
10/2/21      Monroe KC                          BOS             Gail Shearer
8/7/21        Beaver Co KC/NOLRC          BOS           Manuel Queijeiro
3/27/21      Hoosier LRC                        Select          Lori Bentine
3/7/21        Badger LRC                        Select           Allison Bates
10/17/20    Clermont Co KC                  Select         Paula Nykiel
10/10/20    Crawford Co KC                  Select         Terry DePietro                   

Rudy Pedigree